Explaination of Employment and Support phases

Explaination of Employment and Support phases

Employment and Support Allowance has two phases; the assessment phase that is paid for up to 13 weeks then the main phase after 13 weeks. Please enter the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) phase you are on.

When you first make a claim for ESA after a seven day ‘waiting period’ you will be put on the ‘assessment phase’. This period is to allow JobCentre Plus to assess whether you are eligible and, if you are, what rate of ‘main phase’ ESA is payable. At this stage all you need to show is a medical certificate.

After the 'assessment phase' ESA is only payable if you meet the 'Work Capability Assessment', which determines your level of illness or disability and how this affects you day to day. The DWP will decide if you are entitled to ESA, and which component you should be awarded in the main phase.

People who are assessed as not having limited capability for work cannot get ESA. They will instead have to sign on for Jobseekers Allowance or, if they can, claim Income Support.

During the 13-week assessment phase a person is paid the basic rate of ESA. For people aged 25 or over this means their individual ESA is worth £72.40 a week in 2014/15. People classed as terminally ill are paid the basic rate plus an additional amount, the support component; £35.75 a week in 2014/15. Contribution-based and income-related ESA is paid at a lower rate of £57.35 a week for claimants under 25 during the assessment phase.

For more information see eligibility conditions for Employment and Support Allowance. More details on the process for claiming and assessing ESA are available on the Employment and Support Allowance section of DWP's website.  If you live in Northern Ireland more details on claiming and assessing ESA are available on the NIDirect website.

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