Tax Credits

Tax Credits

What is it?

Tax credits are means-tested help for people who have dependent children or are working and on a low income.

There are two types of tax credit. Child Tax Credit is paid to families (lone parents or couples) with dependent children. Working Tax Credit is paid to working people whose earnings are low enough. Tax credits can also provide help with childcare costs. Tax credits are administered and paid together and there is one claim form.

Can I get it?

If you go through the calculator we will work out whether you are entitled to tax credits and how much you might be able to claim. The amount of income you (and your partner) can have and still be entitled to tax credits varies depending on your circumstances.

To find out more about how the system works, including the difference between an ‘initial’ and a ‘final’ award, go to how tax credits work.

You can claim Child Tax Credit if you have an eligible child. For more information see children.

You can claim Working Tax Credit if you meet the age and work hours rules. For more information see Working Tax Credit.

How do I claim?

Tax credits are administered by HM Revenue & Customs. You can make a claim or report a change of circumstance by calling the helpline on 0345 300 3900 or textphone 0345 300 3909. Lines are open every day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. You can also order a claim form for tax credits online.

Please note that if you have not already applied for tax credits your claim can only be back-dated one month.

If you are already claiming tax credits you need to renew your award annually. You may also need to tell HM Revenue & Customs about changes during the year, which since April 2012 you must do within 1 month of the change. For more information see changes of circumstance. If you are already subject to an adjustment from previous years please find out more about tax credit overpayments.

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